Thursday, August 27, 2009

Phantasmatica - The New EP is finished!

SO! I´ve just finished and heard the mastered songs for my new EP for Barcelona´s Disboot records! Finally! After many dead hard drives, lost files and international escapades with my trusty laptop and MPD, it´s finished, and it´s called Phantasmatica, and has awesome artwork by Australia´s Haphazardous Waste (aka Madeleine King).

It´s more of an instrumental release than my previous offering, unleashing the tropical trickles of Mr Cloak and Dagger into a full blown voodoo shakedown (what a bragger!). From the gunshot riddled cumbia swagger of ´Cloak and Dagger Empire´, to the sweaty bass breakdowns of Carribean Nightmare Agent, to the slamming speedstep of ´Clap Clap (let´s hear it for the Stagger Effect) it´something i´m desparately fucking excited to have out there and prepare all for the next release, ´Mr Midnight´, which I´ll be recording in Rotteram´s Worm Studio in a few weeks.

Phantasmatica will be released on Disboot though for free download from October 7, stay tuned for more details!

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