Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joint of the Week: Meneo - I Luv LDN remix

Alright. So, starting from now, I'm gonna post one (maybe sometimes more) hot jam every week by producers / artists who are bumpin my world in that particular time.
First off the rank is from an ex - Barcelona local - my former neighbour no less - Meneo.

Originally from Guatemala, Meneo is based now in Spain, slinging his Gameboy-tracked, electropical rhythms at whatever winding booty he can find. This guy's played everywhere from the mass of Primavera sound to guerilla street sound systems, infecting everyone with his infectious 8-bit take on Latin rhythms like Reggaeton, Cumbia and Merengue. This track is a remix of I Love LDN by Crystal Fighters, its his latest offering, and is currently set as my alarm clock song. He calls it Merenguestep, and i really dig the way it couples half and double time rhyhtms with that killer bassline!
I♥LDN - MENEO merenstep remix by MENEO

Go to Meneo's myspace and show this chico some love.

Also, head to the Force Fed Fistfuls Podcast where you can hear Prince Nod's interview with the man himself.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review of Suckafish P at Incubate - In Dutch!

Here's a review someone wrote of my gig in the Incubate festival in Holland this September 2009. It's in Dutch. It says I'm really good and should be playing the Lowlands festival (Lowlands peeps... shout me out if u agree!):

Suckafish P dompelt V39 onder in duistere sferen
Australiër kneedt hip-hop, grime, en dubstep moeiteloos samen tot heerlijk mengsel

Wie donderdagavond de trap naar beneden nam in het V39-pand, zou zich aan het begin van een techno-avond wanen. Bij het beklimmen van diezelfde trap aan het eind van de set, resteren slechts gevoelens van verbijstering. Zelden smeedde iemand zo gemakkelijk hiphop, techno, breakcore en dubstep aan elkaar. Zelden was het eindresultaat zo heerlijk als donderdagavond. De jonge Austalische DJ Suckafish P liet van zich horen. Hard en rauw.

Suckafish P, V39, donderdag 17 september

Een samenraapsel van Lil’ John tot Modeselektor, versneden met breakcore en grime.

De DJ staat zelf compleet uit zijn dak te gaan achter de draaitafels. Een goed voorbeeld doet goed volgen. Het tempo ligt het hele optreden zo hoog dat er eigenlijk wel gedanst móét worden. Er zijn wel tempowisselingen, maar deze volgen elkaar weer zo snel op dat het alleen maar een positief effect op de gedraaide nummers heeft. Suckafish P brengt een hectische mix van zoveel mogelijk muziekstijlen. Toch blijft het geheel er heerlijk ingaan omdat er stiekem een goede structuur in de set zit, al lijkt dat op het eerste gehoor niet zo te zijn. Het is een technisch genie, deze Suckafish P. Aan het eind van de avond snap je ineens dat vieze plat-Amerikaanse straatrap best gecombineerd kan worden met breakcore of dubstep.

Dit optreden kent geen minpunten.

Het gaat niet lang meer duren voor deze Australiër de grotere festivals aandoet. Volgend jaar in de X-Ray?


Recensent: Bas van Rijzewijk

That's a 9 out of 10 for Suckafish P - not bad in a festival with names like Joker, A1 Bassline, Mad Professor, The Damned, Rhythm & Sound... in fact that's a higher score than mad professor (dont believe it!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Preview from PHANTASMATICA - Yoyogi

YOYOGI is the second track from my new release, PHANTASMATICA, coming out on Barcelona's DISBOOT records (, October 7 2009.

02 Yoyogi by suckafishbeats

It's not exactly dubstep, but it's not not dubstep either. If you like music doin that, you'll like this. Most of the sounds were recorded during my time in Japan, particularly Tokyo. A lot of sounds from the Japanese metro system, and small sound toys purchased or sampled in the amazing Nakano Broadway otaku market.

Friday, September 25, 2009


The Serge!

The Concusser Analogue Drum Machine

The ARP2600


The humble Korg ms20 - my favourite in the studio for real

after this i dunno if i can go back to digital synthesis yo! too good! new songs coming soon from this weeklong session in rotterdam's coolest artist run workshop - WORM

Sunday, September 6, 2009



Suckafish P Jones is gonna seducing your girlfriend through subsonics in Brighton at the Wrong Music Mega Rave! You better be there if you wanna keep her lovin you yo!

It´s gonna be a smashing affair, playing alongside the murderating 16BIT, the always hilarious and undeniably fat Gameboy perversions of DJ Scotch Egg, DJ Planet Mu and many more....

I´ve been wantin to play with the Wrong Music crew for a while now, and what better a line up than this????

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Suckafish P Jones in Sonido Del Principe´s new mix ´Cumbia 4 Life´

Wow! So I´ve been becoming progressively more addicted to the slow pulse of Cumbia for the last few years, after finding a compilation of cumbias in my local library in Australia and watching it spread over the blogosphere. Now this style, which is quite an old way of making music, has really spread its wings all over Latin America, and internationaly, and I can say that when I was in Mexico and Guatemala last year it was about as popular as moustaches and cowboy hats (read=really fucking popular).

Sonido Del Principe is a guy from Holland pumping out some seriously ravey electronic Cumbia and I love it! And, to boot, he just included one of my new tracks, Cloak and Dagger Empire´(my cumbia influenced track) as an edit in his new mix! His mix is sweaty fiesta of swingin shakers, hperactive horns and dancehall edits inna cumbia style, it´s called ´Cumbia 4 Life´and you can cop it HERE. Cloak and Dagger Empire is the last one, what a finale!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Forcefed Fistfuls - Sonar Special

So - as many of you will know, and as many of you won´t, I co-produce a radio showand podcast with Prince Nod called ´Forcefed Fistfuls´. Back in Brisbane, on enegade radio station 4ZZZ, the show was really instrumental in fostering our local bass music scene, particularly the push of Dubstep and post-world bass music. Now we run the show as a podcast co-cast on 4ZZZFM as Prince Nod and I are current globesquatting here in Europe.

Why the schpiel?????

Because, we´ve finally posted our new special on the Sonar Festival, recorded in Barcelona during this, one of Europe´s biggest names in progressive electronic music fiestas. it features interviews with Jackmaster of Wireblock and Numbers, Glasgow´s Mike Slott, Barcelona´s dubstep assassin Cardopusher and the ever amazing and inspiring Mary-Anne Hobbs (an idol for PNod and myself in terms of broadcasting!).

You can listen to it at - why not subscribe to the cast while your at it???