Thursday, September 3, 2009

Suckafish P Jones in Sonido Del Principe´s new mix ´Cumbia 4 Life´

Wow! So I´ve been becoming progressively more addicted to the slow pulse of Cumbia for the last few years, after finding a compilation of cumbias in my local library in Australia and watching it spread over the blogosphere. Now this style, which is quite an old way of making music, has really spread its wings all over Latin America, and internationaly, and I can say that when I was in Mexico and Guatemala last year it was about as popular as moustaches and cowboy hats (read=really fucking popular).

Sonido Del Principe is a guy from Holland pumping out some seriously ravey electronic Cumbia and I love it! And, to boot, he just included one of my new tracks, Cloak and Dagger Empire´(my cumbia influenced track) as an edit in his new mix! His mix is sweaty fiesta of swingin shakers, hperactive horns and dancehall edits inna cumbia style, it´s called ´Cumbia 4 Life´and you can cop it HERE. Cloak and Dagger Empire is the last one, what a finale!!!!

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