Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joint of the Week: Meneo - I Luv LDN remix

Alright. So, starting from now, I'm gonna post one (maybe sometimes more) hot jam every week by producers / artists who are bumpin my world in that particular time.
First off the rank is from an ex - Barcelona local - my former neighbour no less - Meneo.

Originally from Guatemala, Meneo is based now in Spain, slinging his Gameboy-tracked, electropical rhythms at whatever winding booty he can find. This guy's played everywhere from the mass of Primavera sound to guerilla street sound systems, infecting everyone with his infectious 8-bit take on Latin rhythms like Reggaeton, Cumbia and Merengue. This track is a remix of I Love LDN by Crystal Fighters, its his latest offering, and is currently set as my alarm clock song. He calls it Merenguestep, and i really dig the way it couples half and double time rhyhtms with that killer bassline!
I♥LDN - MENEO merenstep remix by MENEO

Go to Meneo's myspace and show this chico some love.

Also, head to the Force Fed Fistfuls Podcast where you can hear Prince Nod's interview with the man himself.

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