Saturday, May 22, 2010

Suckafish Inna El LDN!!!

Londoners unite! Suckafish is bringin the raw tropical voodoo grit to the absolutgely massive 'Two Tribes Go To War' Party. It's a two room affair in Corsica Studios, one of LDNs most loved soundsystem venues. It's a Dalston vs Deptford thing, with Suckafish reppin Dalston as he's currently sleeping on couches in Bethnal Green. He'll be joined by UK Garage legends Sunship, Tek-One and awesome futurebass producer badboy Mosca. It's gonna be a huge affair, and Suckafish has some particularly special exclusive grit up his silky sleeves for this one. Git to it!!!!!!
They made a funny little pirate radio style video for it... here it is...

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